Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spirit Worship

Again this morning I was struck by the truth that I absolutely cannot worship God in spirit if I’m not confronted with the truth of the distinction between him and me. The most powerful catalyst to genuine worship in my life is to reflect on my sin and his greatness. I suggest we make it a life long practice to reflect on our sin as we sing of his glory.

As we sang this song this morning, I was overcome by the realization of how my heart is given to another, my pride.
We bow our hearts, We bend our knees
O' spirit come make us humble
We turn our eyes, From evil things
O' Lord we cast down our idols.

Give us clean hands, Give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another

O' God let us be, A generation that seeks,
That seeks Your face, O' God of Jacob
(cf. Psalms 24:4-5)


tie.crawler said...

Amazing when a worship service does what it's supposed to do . . draw a person into worship of God.

Too bad most "worship" experiences are just hyped-up emotion, instead of a concrete realization of our own sin before a holy God.

Bracman said...

This class by Dr. Gary Perrett has been a tremendous blessing to me.
Also- I just listend to a session by Paul Tripp called "Being Good and Angry". He walks through James 1 and James 4. He proposes that the narrative of the Bible is the Anger of God vs the Anger of man- that we live for (worship) one of two kingdoms. Either we promote and live for the Kindgom of God, or we live for and worship the Kingdom of self. We see life, people, circumstances, events, etc through the lens of what we want and desire. When we don't see our sinfulness on a daily basis we blindly build the walls, the fortress, the moat, and the kindgom of self. I'm not communicating this as effectively as Paul Tripp did, but I have been reminded of the same truth- THAT I NEED TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO MYSELF EVERYDAY! Thanks Matt!

Matthew LaPine said...

that's very cool logan. you'll have to post something about it.

Matthew LaPine said...

about the classes I mean
evaluate what you think of them.