Monday, July 02, 2007

Mohler on Cultural Discernment

Click to watch Al Mohler's application video on cultural discernment. If you haven't heard his message listen first.

NA has posted some other application videos


Justin said...

This video blip confused me. What was the rhythm of the music playing in the background trying to say? Why in the world was the music playing? What was his denim shirt trying to sell me? Am I ok in saying that because Mohler has a bit of a weight problem that I too am ok in having a weight problem? Maybe I should listen to the sermon first but what was the message he was trying to sell. That it is wrong to listen to music with rhythm, or have music playing in the background? Is it wrong to "sell" something when creating video clips? Or is it impossible to separate a message from everything we come in contact with? What messages are ok/not ok? Can we live in our culture and adapt to the messages that it tells us? Is it wrong to live in the culture which sells messages and is then wrong to possible conform to some of those messages as long as it doesn't go against what God says in the Bible? Can someone help me understand some of this stuff?

Matthew LaPine said...

Justin, the message is helpful. Listen to that first. I think you would be helped by reading Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. It probably isn't going to make you a right wing fundamentalist but it does at least suggest some answers to many of the questions you asked here. His big point is that the media we use to communicate a message influences the message (you can't talk philosophy with smoke signals). It's an interesting read.