Sunday, December 16, 2007

Continuous Worship: Idolatry

I've been trying to finish this for a few days. But I thought I'd just come out and post it (so you're warned I've only been 3/4 of the way through it). But what I've heard so far, it is very good. His point is, worship is not a peripheral issue, it is the issue. Failure to keep God's moral commands are symptoms of a worship problem. I think it's worth everyone's time to download and listen to this.
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Amy Hatfield said...

Thanks, Matt. That was really good. I finished it finally today. I have heard other messages on idolatry, but this one was exceptional. I, as a teacher and counselor, especially liked the third illustration about someone's "heaven" or "hell" and "Savior". This is a very good way of explaining idolatry and the connection to salvation through Christ.

Eilers said...

How long is it?

Matthew LaPine said...

It's about 1.5 hrs. But you really only need to hear the first 45 min. There's a section in there about a "functional savior" (borrowed from Keller I think) which is really good.