Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Age of Unreason?

Susan Jacoby has an interesting point. What interests me especially is whether or not Jacoby will blame this "unreason" on religious persuasion rather than at the real culprit, our consumerist media saturated culture. And for what it's worth, I think that evangelical Christianity is a prime example of what she's talking about.

Watch the video; let me know what you think.
(My internet connection only got through half of it.)


Matthew LaPine said...

I do completely agree with her point here. I was talking to Molly the other day about our society needing more people who have the courage to stand up against ignorance and laziness. She's on the front lines teaching third grade.

Matthew LaPine said...

I would view Piper's thoughts in don't waste your life along these lines. Also the Harris boys "Do Hard Things".

Amy Hatfield said...

I agree. Funny though, how the conversation twisted to criticize the "ignorance" of anyone who believes in the supernatural, etc.