Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lewis Roundtable

Really enjoyed this:

Alan Jacobs, ND Wilson, and Doug Wilson in conversation | Full Edition from Canon Wired on Vimeo.


Chris Trampel said...

I found this discussion endlessly fascinating. I visited Jacobs' Wheaton website once but didn't recall him as the author of the Narnian. His insights into Lewis' fiction were really impressive to me. I found the contrast between Lewis and Tolkien particularly interesting. Lewis is more interested in the philosophy of science while Tolkien is preoccupied with "the machine." I haven't read the Space Trilogy since I was a boy but I'm still somewhat obsessed with LOTR. Technology is almost always associated with evil in Tolkien.

Matthew LaPine said...

I've enjoyed him as well. Personally, I've been more of a Lewis fan. I love Till We Have Faces. As Lewis would say, you know the literature is good if you continue to revisit it.