Saturday, April 07, 2007

Emerging Youth Group

Whenever big-name types come to speak in chapel at DTS, at least one of the different groups on campus will try to get them to speak after chapel at a "Brown Bag" lunch. Anyone who wants to attend brings their own lunch in a brown bag (hence the name) and gets to listen to the speaker and ply him with questions about the nature of the Nephilim in Genesis 6 (and other such questions).

Last week Dawson McAllister was on campus, recording a podcast and speaking in chapel.

He spoke on the importance of "trench warfare" in youth ministry. He gave us an overview of his ministry and played a number of clips from the radio show.

Anyway, I was of course quite jazzed about his message, since my area of ministry is youth.

So, imagine how excited I was when I discovered that Pipeline, the youth ministry group on campus, was hosting a Brown Bag with the Sr. High youth pastor (Charley Hellmuth) at Irving Bible Church, who "is leading a great example of an EC youth ministry." The author of the annoucement doesn't specify if by EC he means Emerging Church or the Emergent Conversation. Either way, it should be a good talk, especially if we "dialogue" as the ad says we're supposed to.

So, this brings me to my question: For all y'all out there who know more about the Emerging/Emergent Church (I know, they're two different things, but they're lumped together in this topic), what's the impact the EC has/should have on youth ministry? Can it be ignored, or must it be addressed in youth ministry?

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Justin said...

I think it needs to be addressed within practice. I think the emerging church is on to something when it comes to "doing" church. I am excited to see how some discussion between me and my youth pastor end up when it comes to the way we "do" youth group. I think there is a shift within American Youth happening right in front of our eyes and we have to be willing to see and then do something about it. I have a feeling though within fundamentalism, we are going to see this change in culture and then say that the way we are doing things is the best way with the "resources" available. And if that happens I am going to start calling some bluffs because point blank, that excuse is a load of crap!

With that said, what is the culture shift in teens? One on one or small group encounters. I think the days of the "large event" are dying if not dead already. Teens don't want to go to a place with thousands of others. They are noticed. They fall right back into the middle of the crowd just like at home, or school, or where ever. They can't jump and say "Hear I am. Am I important enough for you to invest some time into?" because they are just another face.

So what are the "resources" that aren't available? You! There is a shortage of people that really care about what happens to that kid that walks through the doors at church. Why? Because those people think that that teen doesn't care about them or themselves. It's time we start doing kid at a time!!!

Justin said...

i have also posted this post and my discussion on my blog.