Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just Curious

How would you critique this work of art?
Also, a follow up, would you hang postmodern art in your house? Why or why not?


Matthew LaPine said...

I asked this of an artist friend of mine who studied in a Christian context. He critiqued it on the basis of proportion and realism, but indicated maybe this was "just personal taste."

Matthew LaPine said...

From Amy, "I wouldn't hang that picture in my home because it doesn't portray someone who's sought their joy in Christ and who's chosen that long-lasting joy over other temporary joys consistently...at least that's not what it looks like to me. : ) I want my children to long to be people who find their joy in God. How's that for a Piper answer? I guess that picture could consistently remind us that the world is a sad place and that people need to find their joy in God, but that is obvious if you turn on the television."

Daniel Friess said...

I don't really feel qualified to comment on the artistry of the painting, but i would like to comment on the its expressions; however, i have realized the depth of your question, Matt. I need to consider it more.

Justin said...

I wouldn't hang it because I don't like the painting. I wondering why everything has to be symbolic.

Casey Malloy said...

Amy, I really like your answer. My thoughts were along those same lines when looking at that picture. Well said!
You're right- it might not be good to hang in a home, but I kinda want to put it somewhere where I personally can see it frequently to remind myself how repulsive it looks when I settle for anything less than Christ!

Butler said...

What you are seeing is this picture


through the eyes of a staunch anti-chorus anti-guitar fundamentalist.

Andy said...

I would glady hang this in my home. As for my ability to afford a Picasso... that's another matter.

Artistically, this is designed to let you know he's singing the blues. The odd angles and coloring are there to make you uncomfortable. (I've seen plenty of guitarists on the streets of Spain that look like this; the position isn't completely out of the ordinary.) The rough lines and stark composition are exemplary.

Art, postmodern or not, is a reflection of the soul. And if this is a reflection the sorrow in this man's heart, who are we to pass by on the other side?