Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chernobyl, Hell on Earth

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"Everyone who helped on the clean up is now ill," says Tatiana, a senior doctor at the Dispensary for Radiological Protection at Rivne. "The situation is worsening. In 1985, we had four lymph cancers a year. Now we have seven times that many. We have between five and eight people a year with rare bone cancers, when we never had any. We expect more cancers, and ill health. One in three pregnancies here are malformed. We are overwhelmed."

A doctor in the local region's children's hospital says: "The children born to the people who cleaned up Chernobyl are dying very young. We are finding Caesium and Strontium in breast milk and the placenta. More children now have leukaemias, and there has been a quadrupling of spina bifida cases. There are more clusters of cancers. Children are being born with stunted growth and dwarf torsos, without thighs. I would expect more of this over the years."

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Amy Hatfield said...

Thanks for this. It made me terribly depressed for a good couple of days, but helped me be reminded of many good truths about God. God knows this. He cares about this. He knows that even the people of Chernobyl will ultimately only be satisfied in HIM, not in good health, strong bodies, or secure futures. I showed parts of this to my oldest daughter. I want her to be compassionate and uncomplaining about her own situation in life (which is so much better, humanly speaking). She is unbelievably sensitive to spiritual things and asked if we should go there to help them. I told her that God wants us where we are right now, but that He might want her to go there someday. I would be so happy if I could by God's grace raise children who are willing to waste their lives for His glory.