Thursday, November 01, 2007

White Horse Inn Recommendations and a Question

Please don't take everything they say as gospel truth, but I love that these people are talking about these theological issues. Justification is a VERY practical truth. People need to know what the gospel is and move beyond the subjective mess that is modern evangelicalism. Speaking of that, who's got a greater crisis evangelicalism or fundamentalism?
Current Controversies over Justification
Justification and Imputed Righteousness
Faith and the Gospel


tie.crawler said...

In terms of definition, fundamentalism has the greater crisis. "Evangelicalism" can mean everything and nothing, but so far doesn't mean anything bad.

"Fundamentalism," on the other hand, is anathema. Even good, evangelical, believing Christians I've met here at DTS shudder when I say I went to a fundamental school. That word means nothing good anymore.

Matthew LaPine said...

interesting. I think your exactly right if we're talking about the terms themselves. What about the movements though?

SBC said...

I truly liked your last question (relating to fundy/evangelical). My good friend has an interesting post on the same subject. Here's the link.

In it (see the link) he interacts with Doran (from DTBS) and comes to a rather interesting conclusion. Towards the end of the comment section (on the link given in the Luther Stein article) Dr. Doran defines a new evangelical as. . .

At the risk of droning on and oversimplifying, a new evangelical was a fundamentalist who: (1) repudiated the fundamentalist view of separation (both ecclesiastical and personal), and (2) embraced a view of the church’s role in culture and society which called for social engagement. Loads is packed into those two points and loads emerged from them.

Interesting. . . Eilers