Thursday, January 08, 2009

Improving the ESV: Strauss

As much as I like the ESV this article is good to point out it has its share of problems. More particularly, this is helpful in displaying the translational difficulties of any version. Some think it is as easy as matching up the Greek/Hebrew word with the English one. But it is more complicated than that, indeed an art and a science.

Why the English Standard Version (ESV) Should not become the Standard English Version, by Mark L. Strauss


Jon Bunjer said...

I have not read the whole article, but it is interesting to note that the ESV does try to convey some of the literary qualities. I realized this at church when someone was reading from Isaiah in the HCSB and I was following along in my ESV. The HCSB did not sound like poetry at all, but the ESV used more evocative language to communicate Isaiah' message.

Matthew LaPine said...

What seems to be the point of this article is that they don't do it enough. He loves Hebrews, not so much some other books in the NT.

Some examples he gives are startlingly wooden and non-literary. One example of my own that that really bothers me is Psalm 136. Usually rendered: "his love endures forever." Very rythmic and poetic. ESV: "for his steadfast love endures forever"