Wednesday, October 17, 2007

D.A. Carson on the New Perspective

D.A. Carson on the New Perspective (Huge File 40MB)
This is a great lecture.


Matthew LaPine said...

It's interesting to note that one of the correctives D.A. Carson thinks the new perspective gives to Reformed theology is that Gal 4 talks about redemptive history, not the individual like the Puritans would argue. The law for centuries was the school master to prepare for Christ, not preaching the law prepares my heart for the gospel. This is the way dispensationalists have always read Gal. 4.

SBC said...

Totally agree. The arguement in chapter four merely continues the motif from the end of chapter three. It is interesting to see a "non-dispensationalist" holding this position (at least I don't think Carson would like to be defined in this way???)