Sunday, October 14, 2007

Info-Techno Sabbath

So I had my MacBook open this afternoon while I was watching the Vikings and listening to a podcast, and I read in my Google Reader feed a novel idea from Joe Carter: an Info-Techno Sabbath. I'm not sure about the theology behind it, but I think I'll take him up on his suggestion.


lilrabbi said...

Pieper and Weaver get at that too. Weaver is big against info-techno (he calls the Great Stereopticon) and Pieper is big on Leisure.

Matthew LaPine said...

Forgive my ignorance. You mean Francis Pieper? If so, I have read some of his dogmatics book, but what else does he write on?

lilrabbi said...

Josef Pieper, that German Catholic Philosopher around after WWII. He is a catholic throwback, if you will. Very good.