Sunday, October 21, 2007


I watched Huckabee on channel eight last night. This guy is a very very good politician. Plus, he makes a lot of sense. I think the former baptist pastor might have a real chance. Justin Taylor posted this and this yesterday, Andrew Jackson this. Matt Anderson predicted his straw poll win.

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lilrabbi said...

I went to the Straw Poll in Ames without having much of an idea about any of the candidates save that my brother was a Huckabee fan and that Huckabee paid my way and gave me some nice Kin Folk's bbq sandwiches to enjoy. One thing I wondered, walking sweatingly towards the tent, is whether or not Ron Paul paid those dope-smokin' hippies an biker dudes to walk around campus chanting for him.

I went to the speeches with the thought that "ways of speaking are ways of thinking", and I wanted to see who was the best at both. Huckabee was by far the most polished and substantial. His speech had a coherency and flow of thought not to be found in any of the others' speeches.

The only thing I didn't like about the guy was his thumping on that bass geetar afterwards!